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Andrea Jennings



The human body is a source of endless contemplation for me, and I create art that relates to its structure and function, as well as the lived experiences of managing a body with chronic pain.


My early work, Not For Prophet reflected on experiences navigating the complex and dysfunctional American healthcare system, in which I critiqued the barriers to accessing care, and questioned the notions of "expertise."  I created abstract drawings that referenced human anatomy, from the perspective of a young artist with no scientific  background. With these Sensory Systems drawings, I reflected on the beauty and mystery of human structure and function, exploring various organs and creating rhythmic patterns and designs out of them.


In 2018, I became an occupational therapist, providing care to individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. I am inspired by the social model of disability, and the diverse experiences of the families that I serve as a therapist. My current projects involve Neurodiversity, a group of large scale oil paintings inspired by the human brain, Écorché, a series of portrait paintings in which the subject "bares" an area of the body that has significant meaning to them, and System Imaging, a series of drawings that represent the 11 anatomical systems of the human body.

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